I will start updating Sun, Mon, Wed until the comic is all caught up.

This is the start of the first reboot to Zoe. Originally┬ámade on March 21st 2014. By this time I had dabbled into porn and fan service enough to where I thought it made sense to embrace it in the main comic, partly at first. These early arcs I wasn’t fully willing to make it full blown porn, was thinking more of like those ecchi animes. So there is a lot of partial nudity and panties, but no full blown nudity, and not hardcore sex for quite a while.

The art is a leap over the first version of the comic, but during these early arcs especially I made her head WAYYY too big (like a bobble head). The size is often very inconsistent between pages. Over time I eventually settled on where I like the head (basically equal to the distance between shoulders and to of bikini area, just slightly smaller than that).